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Meet Dusk

The First Pair of Smart Sunglasses with Electrochromic Lenses

The Last Pair of Sunglasses You'll Ever Buy

App-Enabled Tint Adjustment

Open Ear Audio

Built-in Apple AirTags

Integrated Microphone

IP66 Waterproof & Dustproof

 Long Battery Life

Lightweight, Durable Design

Polarized Lenses

20 Hours of Standby

6 Hours of Play Time

You choose the tint

Adjust between three tint levels in just 0.1 second on the frames or set exactly the tint level you want using the Ampere App.

Hey Siri

Dusk has an in-built microphone and is voice assistant-enabled for both Apple and Android devices.

Ditch the earbuds

Hidden speakers provide crystal clear audio while you stay aware of your surroundings—perfect for driving, biking, or walking on busy streets.

Find My Shades…

Built-in AirTags

Dusk’s durable, rechargeable travel case has a special pocket for Apple’s AirTag. So you can track them down using your Find My App on your iPhone.

About Ampere

At Ampere, we believe that if you use something everyday, you better love it. There are too many cheap, off-the-shelf products that look and work the same as all of the others on the market and too often we settle for them. We created Ampere to change that.

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